Escher x nendo Installation at the NGV

We were asked to bring to life an incredible piece of artwork designed by nendo for the Escher x nendo exhibition which is currently on display at the National Gallery of Victoria.

‘Gathered house’ is nendo’s response to Escher’s fascination with the representation of infinity.

We are proud to say that in just over a month (and with minimal sleep) we took the 3D renderings provided by the artist, figured out how to make it and then set about constructing it.

Once our part was complete, we shipped it all off to the NGV for their installation team to assemble.  

The result was better than we could have expected. The NGV are happy, the artist is happy… and we’re very happy with ourselves.

The exhibition is on until April 7th 2019. Go see it, you won’t be disappointed. In addition to the chandelier, there are many more amazing installations in the exhibition that will blow your mind. The best of Escher combined with the style of nendo…. and a bit of Oddball in the mix.